How it Works

We are a 501(c)(3) non-proft which you can read about here. We provide memberships to our organizations in the form of the unlimited data hotspot bundles found in our store. For each level of donation you make, you receive a different unlimited data hotspot device, each with 12 months of prepaid service. Our levels are the Basic, Premium, and Ultra. Your donations are tax-deductible, and help reach at risk youth in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Our Mission:

To bridge the gap between people coming from low-income environments, by providing affordable access to technology devices

Unlimited Data Hotspot Membership Bundles

Cellular Towers
Using the magic of ground-based cellular towers,
our hotspots are able to capture quality signal
wherever you need it.

Home Internet
Finally a viable alternative to replacing that ever increasing home internet bill. There has never been a better reason to switch to an all-data internet option.

On The Road
Whether you want data during your morning commute, or need an internet connection near the beach,
we got you covered.

Make a donation today, and receive your Unlimited Data Hotspot membership bundle.


Check your Coverage

Our membership bundles only work in the United States.

The Memberships

We keep it simple for you to choose your donation level.

The Basic

Our most popular membership bundle includes the Franklin® R850 hotspot, allowing you access to unlimited 4G LTE speeds.

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Unlimited Data Hotspot Basic Plan
Unlimited Data Hotspot Premium Plan

The Premium

Those who make donations at the Premium level will receive the Pocket Wi-Fi by ZTE®

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The Ultra

For those looking to get the highest quality service possible, we recommend the NETGEAR® Gateway 6100D, included in the Ultra membership bundle.

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Unlimited Data Hotspot Premium Plus Plan

The Basic


Our most popular product, the Franklin R850 hotspot device gives you the fastest LTE speeds in your area, with simple, headache-free setup.

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The Premium


For those users who want to take advantage of LTE Plus coverage, we recommend the Pocket Wi-Fi by ZTE.

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The Premium Plus


This is our all-in-one package. For those looking to get the highest quality service possible, we recommend the NETGEAR® Gateway 6100D.

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Donate and start saving today.

We offer a 14 day full money back guarantee on every bundle package we sell.


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